We offer you different subscription programs for keeping up exterior and interior gardens, in suited time for you.

The team which is keeping up your garden is constant, and is working with own instruments.

prices from:
55.00 BGN /
Request a
for specific activity

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Keeping up activities include:

  • Cares of grass areas: mowing, watering, weeding, manuring
  • Plant defence
  • Cutting and shaping trees, shrubs, hedge – rows
  • Manurig the plants
  • Hoeing the ornamental plant groups of trees and shrubs
  • Weeding
  • Sweeping up alleys
  • Prepare the plants for winter

Perfect garden – this is one long process of development. The work is not ending with the realization of the project. The key to the perfect garden is keeping up. It is continuous creative process. Live material which makes the garden is always developing and changing. It is necessary to know the plant’s specifics very well, to take care of them.

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