The purpose of exterior landscaping is to get you closer to the nature, to create a cozy environment for habitation and rest, out of your home. The garden is separating you from the intensive daily round and is creating peace in your life.

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17.20 BGN/м2

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We construct:

  • Ornamental plant groups of trees and shrubs

  • Resting places, barbecue and garden arbours

  • Sweep of grass

    The lawn with its uniform green surface , is not only the best background for the other ornamental plant groups, but also an element which unites the different parts of one garden or park. The successful creating a lawn is hard. It is necessary to know the basic principles. The quality of the grassed area depends on: the right preparation of the soil, the quality of the grass mixture, the method of planting, the care of the sowing and the good keep up.

  • Rock – gardens

    The rock-garden is a way to express rocky landscape. In the garden it reproduces the mountain, get it close to us. It is composed of rocks and alpine plants, representing uplands, slopes, paths and lawns, it can also have small brooklet. The human intervention must be invisible.

  • Water effects

    Speaking of the beauty of the garden we can’t forget about the water areas. They bring deepness and coolness in the garden, and have calming and relaxing effect.

  • Pavement

    The alley pavement is one of the basic elements in the garden. They shape the exterior, help and direct the movement. There are different pavement elements, for creating interesting figures. For constructing the decorative pavement are using different materials – felt, paving stones, slabs of natural stones or concrete, woody slabs, concrete, cement etc. The choice of pavement has to be in combination with the whole planting, and because of that the compositions will be esthetic and functional.

  • Water systems

    The water system has to be foreseen when the garden is designing. It guarantees constant freshness of the garden, and makes easier the keeping up.