The NEW GARDEN ltd trade mark is successful and years-old participant in the Bulgarian market. It is author and accomplish for many projects for a variety of business clients all over the state. The company is found in the year of 2002 like a successor of NIKO GARDEN.

The yearly grow of the company in the last couple of years is 30%. In this period NEW GARDEN ltd managed to become one of the leading companies in the landscaping market in the city of Sofia and the region.

The main objectives, which NEW GARDEN ltd develops constantly, are functionality and good looking, creation of practical and original solutions in the landscaping and the decoration. The balance achieved by the company between precise development, quality, final result and loyalty to the client is the mystic of our success.

The different movements in the art from the different ages are our inspirers when it`s up to ideas and solutions.

Association of Professional Landscapers in Bulgaria